Coaching Association of Canada

Crazy Numbers

Stage of Activity 



Cones or other objects placed in groups of different numbers


5-10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Place cones in large playing area.
1= single cone
2= two cones
3=three cones
4=four cones (up to 6 or 8)

All athletes start in the middle of the playing area, warmed up.

On “go” they all resume bacon feet or quick feet in ready position.

The coach calls a number and the players move to that number as quickly as possible (try and tag the cones with their hand or foot).

The coach calls another number, and continues the pattern, calling random numbers more and more quickly.

*Goal is to increase speed until athletes are unable to make it to a number before the next one is called.

*In sports that use implements (e.g. sticks, racquets, bats, etc.), athletes can use these to tag the cones to imitate movements required in games.


Agility, speed of movement (in all directions), reaction time, problem solving, decision making, court sense


To increase cognitive component, add in equations (e.g. 1+5) for the goal cones.

To increase agility or train court-based sports, set up 6 cones in a rectangle for each athlete. Label cones with numbers 1 to 6 or 1 to 8. Each athlete starts in the centre of their own rectangle and has to tag the numbered cone then return to the centre as quickly as possible when the coach calls.