Coaching Association of Canada

Crash Zone

Stage of Activity 



2-3 thick panel mats (the type that Velcro together and are 2-3 inches thick)
Cones for start and finish lines.


10 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

NOTE: the goal of this activity is to promote “safe falling”. It is VERY important to review safety expectations before starting.
1. Always protect the head. (Younger athletes create an imaginary helmet with arms overhead when crashing).
2. Cues = as you crash, give yourself a hug (round) and look up at the sky RIGHT beside one knee (which forces a side roll)

Athletes start 5-10 metres back from the mat.
On “GO” they run toward the mat and “crash” (roll), get up, and sprint to the finish line.

*For reluctant athletes, have them start on hands and knees, turned 90 degrees (i.e. side facing the mat), roll onto their backs and then back up onto their hands and knees. Progress to doing this from a standing position and then add the run.


Safe landing, body awareness (kinesthesia), rolling / tumbling, speed, coordination, balance


Hold a piece of pool noodle in both hands while “crashing”. This forces soft elbows and a “bubble” shape to protect the body.
Adaptable to many environments. (Do not try this with skates on feet).