Coaching Association of Canada

Core like an Eagle

Stage of Activity 



30-40 soccer cones
Various (depending on activities): mats, pool noodles, beanbags, balls


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Create the shape of an eagle out of the cones.
Place large cones with activity posters at 5 points - head, wingtips, and two tail feathers.
Athletes have a designated time to rotate around the eagle as many times as they can, completing the exercises at each cone.

1. Place beanbag on foot. Kick into the air and catch. Repeat 10x.
2. Walk (balance) along a pool noodle 3x.
3. Dolphin push-ups (alternate upward + downward dog from yoga) 10x
4. Star push-ups (wide arms and legs; nose to ground) 5x
5. High knee jumps (try to touch knees to chest) 10x


Core stability, balance, coordination, sport-specific skills, body awareness (kinesthesia), strength


Can be used in many environments with many different types of exercises, depending on the goal of the session. E.g. can be used as cool down, with different static and dynamic flexibility and breathing exercises at each cone.