Coaching Association of Canada

Cops and Robbers

Stage of Activity 





5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Participants divide into two equal teams. Each team lines up on one side of the playing field facing the baseline across the playing surface. Assign one side to be "Cops" and the other to be "Robbers." The leader stands on the sideline in the center so all participants can see and hear the leader. The leader calls out either "Cops" or “Robbers." If "Cops” are called, the Robbers must run to their baseline before the Cops tag them. If any Robbers are tagged, they become Cops, and head to the other side for another round. When “Robbers” is called the opposite team attempts to make it to the baseline.


Agility, decision-making


Can be used in many different environments. Modify the game to make it easier by starting with space (a metre) between the two teams, giving one side a head start. Make the game harder by having one team start on their stomachs, you can only tag once you’re on your feet.