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Tips for parents

  • Parents Need to Eat to Compete too!

    The Sport Nutrition program has been developed to help keep athletes as healthy as possible and to provide advice to benefit optimal performance, but what about those who support them? As a parent supporting a young athlete, you have an important job too -- making healthy food choices while acting as a positive role model for your rising star! [ more ]

  • Fuel for Fun - Healthy Snacks for Active Kids!

    Good nutrition is important for everyone, especially young athletes. Being active in recreational and competitive sports helps children and teens develop lifelong healthy habits. Good nutrition not only supports physical activity, but it also enhances health and sport performances. [ more ]

  • Sport Nutrition for Parents

    It’s that time of year again – back to school! And back to school means a surge in your day-to-day life. Days get busier and keeping your young athlete healthy gets harder. So how can you keep nutritious food handy, when you’re busy too? [ more ]