Coaching Association of Canada

Coach Evaluator

A Coach Evaluator’s role is to contribute to the development of coaches after they have acquired their NCCP training. This includes assessment, evaluation, debriefing, and follow-up with coaches trying to achieve Certified status. Coach Evaluators are experts in the observation process and have in-depth knowledge of the outcomes, criteria, and evidences that comprise the evaluation tools that establish NCCP standards for coaches of a particular sport context.

Coach Evaluators act as ambassadors of the NCCP and as a resource to coaches seeking to augment and validate their coaching abilities.

How to Become a Coach Evaluator

All Coach Evaluators complete the following steps:

Core Training


  • Overview of the workshop and the NCCP
  • The certification process
  • Learning to debrief
  • Action planning

Content-specific Training


  • Evaluation methodology and tools
  • Using evaluation tools for formal observation
  • Using evaluation tools for portfolio review
  • Administration and logistics
  • Review and sign the NCCP Coach Developer Code of Conduct



To access Core Training for Coach Evaluators, please select your province/territory from the list on this page and contact your Provincial or Territorial Coaching Representative.

For a calendar of upcoming Core Training opportunities, please CLICK HERE.

To access Sport-specific Training for Coach Evaluators, please select your sport from the list below, and contact them by phone or email for more information.