Coaching Association of Canada

Coach Developer Policy Webinar

Dear partners,

The CAC will be hosting a webinar on December 16th at 1:00 pm EST to garner further partner engagement on the development of a new Coach Developer policy for the NCCP.

Here is some background on the process so far:

  • The current Learning Facilitator (LF) policy states that it will be reviewed in 2014;
  • In preparation for this, an Advisory Group was created that included a PTCR rep, a Comp-Dev Master Learning Facilitator (MLF) and 10 NSO reps (1 from each of the following sports: swimming, basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, ringette, and canoe/kayak);
  • The current policy only involves LFs and it has become apparent that we also need a policy for the other roles within the NCCP that work with coaches, i.e. Advanced Learning Facilitators (ALFs), MLFs, Evaluators (Es), Advanced Evaluators (AEs), and Master Evaluators (MEs);
  • The current LF policy does not outline the pathway necessary to become an LF.


  • Create one policy that includes all the above roles under one umbrella term “Coach Developer”;
  • Include the LF/ALF/MLF/E/AE/ME Pathways within this policy.


  • The Coach Developer Advisory Group was struck and has had two conference call meetings and one face-to-face meeting;
  • The concept of the policy revision was communicated to the partnership at Partners Day in June 2013;
  • The concept of the policy revision was communicated to NSO and PTCR MLFs at Sport Leadership in November 2013;
  • A draft Coach Developer Policy has been created with the input of CAC staff and a partner advisory group;
  • The Policy will be brought forward to the Board of Directors in Feb. 2014;
  • Implementation will begin April 1st, 2014.


*NOTE: This webinar will be delivered in English only. Should there be enough demand for a French webinar (send requests to Kathy Brook:, another webinar will be offered at a later date in the French language.