Coaching Association of Canada

Circle of Doom

Stage of Activity 



10-15 soccer cones to create a circle


10 - 15 minutes

Number of People

3+ (works best with 6+) 

How it Works

This game was originally played in cycling (on bikes), but can be adapted to other sports by varying the movement skill. For land-based, running sports this activity works best if athletes hop on one foot rather than just running.

Set up a circle approximately 10 metres in diameter.
Athletes start by moving in one direction within the circle.
On the coach’s cue, athletes start trying to gently bump others out of the circle.
The coach slowly walks around the circle, moving each cone closer to the center about 30-40 cm each lap. (Coach gradually shrinks the circle).

If athletes are bumped out (or put their foot on the ground in cycling and/or hopping) they must exit the circle, complete a ‘recovery loop’ (e.g. 300 metres run or 400 metres cycle) then they can join back in the game.

The coach continues to shrink the circle, until only one athlete remains.


Balance, body and space awareness, coordination, agility, sport-specific skills (e.g. dribbling, stick handling), some aerobic endurance


This activity can be done with many sports. E.g. in ice hockey and ringette athletes can skate backwards with pucks / rings; in soccer or basketball, athletes can dribble, protecting their equipment, while trying to bump others out of the circle.