Coaching Association of Canada

Chuck the Duck

Stage of Activity 

Learn to Train


1 rubber duck
Cones* (optional – to mark course)
*may also use natural boundaries or markers


5 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Use cones to mark a course 100 metres to 300 metres in length.
Athletes jog (or ski, skate, roll, wheel, spin, etc.) around the course in a single file line.
The athlete in front starts with the duck.
At some point during the lap, they throw the duck as far away from the group as possible and continue around the course at the same pace.
The last person in line sprints to pick up the duck, runs back to the group, then takes over the lead position.
Once the new leader takes over, they set the pace and choose when to throw the duck during the next lap.
*Note: participants must throw the duck before completing a full lap (measured from where they took over the lead).
Continue the pattern until all athletes have had a chance to throw.


Speed-endurance, throwing, agility, interval training, recovery


Can be adapted for any environment.
Lighter, irregular implements will not travel as far when thrown, therefore shortening the sprinting interval.
Other skills may be used to project the object depending on this sport – e.g. kicking, rolling, bumping, sliding, and so on.