Coaching Association of Canada

Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC)

Be the best coach you can be—because safer sport matters

Coaches in Canada can earn either the Chartered Professional Coach® (ChPC®) designation or a Registered Coach license. What’s the difference?

  • The ChPC designation tells employers, athletes, and parents that you have the knowledge, experience, and ethical standards to coach in a professional manner in a National Coaching Certification Program™ (NCCP) stream or context.
  • A Registered Coach license covers only the ethical standards. It is proof that you have been screened (Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC), reference checked) and signed the CAC Code of Conduct.

At the Coaching Association of Canada™ (CAC), we imagine a Canada where more coaches are ChPCs; a Canada where everyone benefits from responsible and professional coaching.

You can advance the profession of coaching while building your own career by earning the ChPC and adding the designation to your credentials.


Download the ChPC for Coaches Brochure (PDF)

Coaching as a Profession

The ChPC is the professional designation for sport coaches in Canada. A professional coach:

  • Is trained to deliver expert and safe coaching, which benefits everyone,
  • Has learned the shared body of coaching knowledge,
  • Follows ethical standards, and
  • Is accountable to stakeholder expectations (sports organization and community).

While some coaches are paid for the work, and may be working full time, any coach can aspire to be a professional coach.


Why earn the ChPC designation?

Coaches on all development paths gain value from the ChPC designation. Their recognized knowledge, experience, and ethical standards benefit the organizations that employ them, the parents who trust them, and the athletes who learn from them.


Am I eligible to obtain the ChPC designation?

There are three eligibility requirements to obtain and maintain your ChPC designation:

What other benefits come with the ChPC designation?

In addition to marking yourself as a knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical coach, as well as connecting you with other ChPCs, the designation grants you access to valuable benefits such as professional insurance, extended health and dental benefits, access to legal support, and more.


How do I obtain my ChPC designation?

Step 1: Complete the online application that resides in the Locker
Step 2: Obtain proof of knowledge and experience, a recent and valid Police Information Check, and two references (past or current employers)
Step 3: Sign the CAC Code of Conduct, declare your ethical conduct, and sign the agreement


How do I find out more about the ChPC designation?

The most common questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages.

We also offer guidance to aspiring ChPCs and Registered Coaches through the application process. Please fill in the form so that we can follow up with you.