Coaching Association of Canada

CC# now NCCP#

Dear Partners,

The term “CC#” has been the unique identifier that each coach uses to access their NCCP transcript for many years. Recently however, this term has started to cause confusion as sport sector websites, including, have increased their eCommerce capabilities and “Credit Card” or “CC” payments have become more of a reality. Various sport partners also issue their own unique identifiers to coaches.

To help alleviate this confusion, we have made the decision to transition the term “CC#” to “NCCP#” – effective immediately.

This change will not affect the physical numbers, their functionality, or otherwise disrupt any processes - it simply reflects a change in nomenclature that better presents a unified NCCP to our stakeholders and increases clarity when discussing access credentials and identification numbers.

We hope that this change will provide the coaches we serve with more clarity, as well as enable precise differentiation between partner-specific credentials and The Locker access credentials used on the website.

We will be announcing the change to coaches in the next Inside Coaching newsletter being sent out July 16th. Please make any changes to your own websites in preparation for that announcement.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach & Partner Services at the CAC:, 613.235.5000.

Please pass this information along to your members.

Thank you!