Coaching Association of Canada

Carolyn Trono

Director of LTAD, Sport for Life

Topic: Improving Quality Sport Opportunities for Newcomers and Underserved Youth

This session will challenge delegates to consider the why, what, how, and who of sport programming: 

  • Why are we offering these sports?
  • What sports are we offering?
  • How can we improve sport for ALL participants?
  • Who are we programming for?

Chino, Abdullah, and Carolyn will share insights and solutions of their ongoing journey in delivering quality sport to the Syrian refugee community and other newcomers in Winnipeg. This will include discussions about programming for refugees with a disability, female swimming classes, and the challenges of engaging youth in community sport programs.

Carolyn has worked in the Canadian Sport System for 30 years with a variety of national and provincial sport organizations. She currently works with the Sport for Life Society as the Director of Long-Term Athlete Development, and has previously assisted many sport organizations with projects associated with coach and athlete development.

Upon starting the Winnipeg Newcomer Soccer & Multi-Sport Academy, she has realized there are opportunities to improve the delivery of quality sport to underserved populations. Carolyn takes great pride in her ‘boots on the ground’ work as a volunteer, where she is constantly leading, organizing, fundraising and working with various diverse groups. Carolyn has been able to identify significant opportunities and solutions to overcome some of the challenges faced with inclusion in the sport world.