Coaching Association of Canada

Blanket Ball

Stage of Activity 



Large sheets or tablecloths (1 for every 4 people)
Light, fabric or sponge balls 


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Set out a challenge course with several obstacles (e.g. rows of cones or barriers) 100 metres to 200 metres long.
Give each team a sheet and 2-3 balls.
Athletes hold the sheet at each corner, keeping the balls balanced on top.
The goal is to try and make it as quickly as possible around the course without dropping any of the balls along the way.

OPTION: Time each team and have them try to improve by strategizing with their team members.


Lateral movements, locomotor skill development, team work, body and space awareness 


Use pillow cases or towels to increase difficulty.
Place a 2-3 lb medicine ball on the sheet for additional challenge.