Coaching Association of Canada


Biathlon Canada offers the following NCCP workshops.

Community Coach Silver: This introductory 8-hour workshop will teach you the fundamentals of skiing and shooting while also equipping you with the skills needed to teach them to athletes from ages 8-12. The workshop is designed for individuals looking to become assistant coaches at their local club or club volunteers. A membership to Biathlon Canada is a required to take this workshop, as is basic skiing and shooting ability.

Community Coach Gold: Progress to the next level of your coaching career by taking this workshop which will set you up to run your club’s Biathlon Bears program as the head coach. During this in-class and on-range course, basic safety, technical fundamentals, delivery of lesson plans, and how to successfully coordinate and grow your Biathlon Bears program will be covered. Completion of Community Coach Silver is required to take this workshop.

Competition Introduction: Learning how to plan and implement a seasonal plan for your athletes - including error detection, and correcting and providing support in competition are the main focuses of this two-part, 32-hour workshop that takes place in-class, on-range, and on-snow. Intended for head coaches of competitive clubs or teams, this workshop will help you prepare effectively for competitive settings, as well as give you advanced technical skiing and shooting skills. Completion of the following multi-sport workshops is required prior to taking this workshop (click here for more information on each):

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Planning a Practice
  • Nutrition
  • Design a Basic Sport Program
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Basic Mental Skills

Competition Development: This 6-day workshop is aimed at coaches of athletes in the Train to Train and Train to Compete stages of development. The workshop will take place in-class, on-range, and on-snow with one day spent at a Canadian Sport Institute/Centre to focus on biomechanics, advanced technical skill development intervention, and injury prevention and recovery. Coaches will also learn how to plan and implement a yearly training plan for their specific athletes, including mental preparation and training loads for competitive athletes. The completion of the following multi-sport modules is required to take this workshop:

  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Prevention and Recovery of Injury
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug-free Sport
  • Coaching & and Leading Effectively

For more information on these workshops, please click here