Coaching Association of Canada

Benoît Huot

Paralympic Swimmer

Member of the Order of Canada, Benoît Huot was born with a disability known as clubfoot. He started swimming at the age of 8 and became, in the last 20 years, one of Canada's most decorated Paralympic athletes with 20 medals in five Paralympic Games.

A national team member since 1998, he has won 32 medals in five World Championships, lowering more than 60 world records in his category.

He is always involved in causes that implicate youth, diversity, and accessibility. He is also an ambassador for Right to Play and has created the Benoît Huot Foundation, which aims to help young athletes who hope to one day participate in the Paralympic Games themselves.

Benoît helps the next generation, inspires others to look beyond their own boundaries, and motivates anyone who aims to realize their dreams, which he does by sharing his passion for life.