Coaching Association of Canada

Bench Ball

Stage of Activity 



Balls, Small benches and Mats


10 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Split the participants into 2 teams. Place a bench at opposite sides of the playing field. One player from each team goes to the opposite bench and stands on the bench. A center line is established in the middle of the playing field. Place the balls in the middle. Without crossing the middle line, the players throw the balls to their teammate who is standing on the bench on the opposite side of the space. If the player on the bench catches the ball, the player who threw the ball then goes and stands on the bench with their teammate. Both of the players on the bench now wait to catch the balls. The first team to have all their players on the bench wins.


Works on hand-eye coordination, balance, throwing, catching and awareness.


This game can be played on a court, field, and gym.