Coaching Association of Canada


Badminton Canada offers the following NCCP workshop:

Initiation: Learn the fundamentals of coaching and badminton through this introductory workshop designed for participants of all ages. Over the course of one day you will be introduced to how to coach the basics of the sport in a fun, safe, and self-esteem building environment, regardless of athlete ability.

Shuttle Time (Instruction – Beginner): The objective of this 6-hour workshop is to educate teachers in the delivery of badminton lessons in a school setting. The workshop is best suited for coaches, teachers, school staff, and volunteers who may have limited basic badminton experience. They will be working with children and youth in an educational setting with a range of badminton skills. Candidates learn about the sport of badminton, they learn to plan badminton lessons, to delivery safe and fun lessons, and provide a positive badminton experience.

Competition Introduction: Designed for coaches who are introducing athletes aged 8-16 years to competitive badminton, this workshop will focus on fundamental skills and the technical/tactical strategies of the sport. The Regional Coach workshop is 16 hours, takes place in a classroom and on the court and covers planning a practice, teaching and learning and technical/tactical basics. The Provincial Coach workshop is 16 hours, takes place in a classroom and on the court and covers designing a basic sport program, basic mental skills and the technical/tactical foundations of the provincial level.

Competition Development: This workshop is designed for coaches of competitive athletes, typically aged 16 years or older. The workshop is comprised of 10 modules and coaches will develop the necessary skills to effectively coach at the competitive level. The focus will be on recognizing and analyzing factors affecting technical and tactical performance, identifying strategies to evaluate performance over the long-term, and error detection and correction.

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