Coaching Association of Canada


Athletics Canada offers the following NCCP workshops.

Performance Coach certification is for coaches who are coaching year round, 40 or more weeks a year and 5-10 sessions a week. The athletes they are responsible for are competing at the national level in the junior or senior categories. The training for this course is event group focused. The main focus of this course is annual planning and periodization.

Club Coach: Take your coaching to the next level in this workshop designed for coaches of athletes who are beginning to specialize in one event group. How to create a seasonal plan will be covered, as well as in-depth technical knowledge of the event group. Event groups include: sprints and hurdles, endurance, throws, jumps, and wheelchair racing.

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Sport Coach: This workshop introduces coaches to all of the events generally contested in a junior high environment and so is designed for coaches of athletes who are just beginning to compete. The technical models for all events (except pole vault, javelin, hammer throw, and steeple chase) will be covered including basic error detection and correction. Coaches will leave this 2.5 day workshop with the practical skills to plan their own practices and to link them into a monthly plan for their athletes. 

Run Jump Throw Wheel is targeted at coaches whose coaching season ranges from 1 day fun days, day camp programs to once or twice a week programs offered over a few months. This program is targeted at coaches/instructors who have little or no sport experience. The focus of this program is the introduction of fundamental movement skills in a fun and non-competitive environment.

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