Coaching Association of Canada

Anne Tiivas

Director, Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU)

Topic: International Safeguards for Children in Sport 

In many countries, including the UK, it has largely been due to media attention on high profile cases of sexual and physical violence against children/young athletes which has initially prompted sports organisations to take action to put safeguards in place. This presentation will argue the case for a proactive approach to safeguarding and a performance rationale for athlete well-being. Building on the lessons from 16 years of implementing safeguarding standards in the UK, current initiatives, including the International Safeguards for Children in Sport and the IOC’s focus on safeguarding athletes of all ages, will be examined.

Disrupting the cycle of poor practice and abuse in sport needs to be addressed through strong leadership, education and embedding of core values and principles. Sport and physical activity has never been more important for a younger generation, which is increasingly inactive, is facing the pressures, which come with their 24-hour online world including social media and online gaming. The cumulative effects on their mental and physical health need addressing through an approach to delivery of sport, which is focussed on their well-being. It needs to be delivered by people who are qualified, competent and safe.

Anne joined the CPSU in 2001, and is responsible for managing the unit’s staff across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. She also manages relationships with the respective Sports Councils, with their key partners in sport, and with the wider safeguarding world.

Anne maintains contact with a range of sports-related trusts, organizations and councils, as well as liaising with government departments. She also works with international sports bodies, such as, The International Olympic Committee to develop international resources to address sexual harassment and abuse of athletes.

Prior to working with the CPSU Anne worked as a trained social worker.