Coaching Association of Canada

Angele Caporicci

Name: Angele Caporicci

Hometown: Timmins, ON

Sport: Biathlon

Current role in sport: Head Coach Timmins Biathlon Club and President since 2013. Also Coach for the 101 RCSCC Tiger Biathlon Team.

Do you have a mentor: Daniel Guay

List your current NCCP Training/certification:

  • IC2 trained in Biathlon
  • All multi-sport Comp. Dev. Courses in Biathlon completed

Current occupation: Labour Relations officer, Registered Nurse with the Ontario Nurses Association


  • College Registered Nurse (Northern College) – Ontario since 1988
  • University St-FX Adult Education Diploma
  • Athabasca University, Labour Relations
  • University of Windsor, Dispute Resolution Training

Coaching History: I started coaching biathlon in late 1990s when the previous coach left. Became passionate and coached many years. Attended my first Team Ontario Baithlon Cadet National 2006, then 3 more times. Most recently, in 2018, attended 1st biathlon Nationals as apprentice for Team Ontario. I want to expand and learn more as a coach.

Currently Coaching:

  • Coaches biathlon at various levels
  • Bears (ages 8-14)
  • Racers (ages 10-19)
  • Cadets (ages 12-18)

What you do with your free time: Crochet, reading books, ski, bike, and travel.