Coaching Association of Canada

Andrea Wolf

Province: Saskatchewan
Sport: Softball
Mentor: Keith Mackintosh
Fun fact: Mother of 6

Andrea Wolf’s relationship with softball begins with her greatest source of motivation -- her dad. “He spent hours in the evenings hitting fly balls to me, pitching to me, and working out with me,” said Wolf. “He is the one that handed me the application years ago to try out for Team Saskatchewan, which led to this incredible softball journey.”

As a player, Wolf began her competitive softball career at the age of 12, winning two gold and one silver medal at the provincial championships in Saskatchewan. She then left Canada for Jamestown College in North Dakota, and played for competitive teams in Alberta and BC in the summer. In her fourth and final year, Wolf and the ‘Jimmies’ made the NAIA National Championships in Florida for the first time in history. She capped off an impressive summer that year by returning to Canada to play with the Vancouver Angels and won a silver medal in the BC provincial championships and a bronze at the Senior Women’s Canadian National Championships.

Wolf’s journey didn’t end there as following the Canadian National championships she traveled to Japan and played with Seki Byoin of the Japan Women’s Softball League and competed in the Japanese National Championships.

Wolf, now the stay-at-home mother of six children, revels in the opportunity to share her experience and travels with local, rural athletes in Saskatchewan, and to motivate them with her story to pursue competition within Saskatchewan, and beyond.

Wolf believes the Canada Games Women in Coaching apprenticeship will allow her to discover leadership skills that will enable her to develop as a coach at the elite level.