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Alpine Ski

Alpine Canada offers the following NCCP workshops.

Entry Level Course: This 3-day course will give you the basics to start coaching entry-level children or to pursue higher levels of coaching certification. Training in free skiing and gate drills for slalom and giant slalom will be covered, as well as learning to plan training sessions, identifying the basics of ethical decision making, and safety considerations. Candidates will also learn the basics of the Snow Stars program. *Please note there is an online ePrep module that must be completed prior to taking this course.

Development Level Course: The 5-day course is an intro to coaching at the “Learn to Train” and “Learn to Race” levels of development and includes slalom and giant slalom basics for K1 and K2 athletes. You will learn strategies that utilize drills and exercises to bring desired skill acquisition in free skiing and gates as well as setting principles in slalom and giant slalom courses - modified for this age group. Teaching and learning principles and safety considerations are also covered. *Please note there is an online ePrep module that must be completed prior to taking this course.

Performance Level Intro 1 Course: Over the course of five days on snow, coaches will cover the following topics: slalom and giant slalom training and sequencing, course setting, analyzing performance, support for athletes at a race, and practice coaching sessions. Other concepts covered include: bio-mechanical principles, decision making tools, and the use of video. The general focus is on core coaching competencies: valuing, leading, interacting with people, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Performance Level Intro 2 Course: Topics covered in this 3-day indoor course include advanced planning for training sessions and designing a year-round program, all in the context of working with athletes at the “Train to race” stage of development of Alpine Canada's long term skier development model (ages 14-19). There is also a home study option for this course.

NOTE: All the courses listed above are also available for Para-Alpine Skiing.

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