Coaching Association of Canada

Alberta Women in Sport Leadership Impact Program

The Coaching Association of Canada and Alberta Sport Connection 
join forces to provide 15 sport organizations an opportunity to be involved in a Alberta Women in Sport Leadership Impact Program

The Coaching Association of Canada and Alberta Sport Connection have joined forces to offer Alberta based sport organizations an opportunity to be part of a movement to shape the future of sport in the province of Alberta.

The program will aim to increase gender equity and leadership diversity in sport organizations in Alberta. Through building more inclusive programs by creating more opportunities for women within sport programs, the Women and Leadership Impact Program aims to support leadership skills and capacity in your unique sport context.

Program Vision: To enable sport organizations to increase women’s leadership capacity.
Program Mission: To support the development of female leaders in sport.
Program Purpose: To create positive development experiences for female sport leaders through expert mentorship and developing a Community of Practice.

Who: Clubs, Provincial Sport Organizations, Townships, Individuals, Universities, Colleges

What: 15 sport organizations will come together to create a community of practice, receive expert support from a leadership mentor, develop or enhance leadership and technological skills, access professional development and receive a grant to individual projects. These projects must be aimed at increasing leadership diversity through policy, practices, increasing the pool of female coaches, athletes, volunteers, board members and/or officials.

How: Through regular meetings and professional development, both in person and online with your leadership mentor and community; through the planning, delivery and sharing of your unique leadership impact project.

Why: Why not? Make a difference in your community and program. Make a difference for women in your organization and have a positive impact in the lives of girls and women in your area.

When: Our kick-off meeting will occur from October 18-20, 2017 in the Calgary area. The program will begin in October 2017 and conclude in April 2020.

Before applying, please note that we will be asking for data regarding your current organization’s profile such as male/female participation numbers of athletes, volunteers, board members, coaches, officials, and/or staff. This will assist in identifying your current sport leadership landscape and what we can achieve over the next 2.5 years.

Important Dates:

  • Application Opens: July 24, 2017 Alberta sport organisations need only apply.

  • Application Deadline: September 8, 2017

For more information, contact Isabelle Cayer, Program Lead at

This project has been funded by the Status of Women Canada.