Coaching Association of Canada

Adapted Matimati (From A New Zealand Aboriginal Game)

Stage of Activity 





5-10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Two players stand arms’ width apart, feet planted on the ground.

Feet MUST remain planted (no foot movement).
One partner moves their hands, palms up, in patterns in front of the other player. The opposing player has 10 tries to hit (or High 5) the moving hands.
One point for each contact.
After 10 tries, partners switch roles.

*Tag, do not “hit or slash”. The goal is reaction time and hitting moving targets.

*In the traditional version, partners try and tag shoulders, waist, and knees for different points. These may be considered for sports that have heavy gear or if the sport requires contact.


Reaction time, coordination, speed of movement, target hitting (dynamic)


Athletes can hold beanbags, flags, balloons, or other implements to move the target away from direct contact.

Athletes can start in plank or push-up position, adding a core element to the game.