Coaching Association of Canada

Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program (AACP)

The AACP is a partnership between the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC), the Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Bodies (PTASBs), the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCRs), the Canada Games Council (CGC), and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). The program provides the opportunity for each province and territory to send 2 coaches of aboriginal ancestry to the Canada Games in apprenticeship roles. Please click here for a list of participating sports.

Objectives of the AACP

  • Build coaching capacity within aboriginal communities; 
  • Provide aboriginal apprentice coaches with domestic multi-sport games exposure; 
  • Provide aboriginal apprentice coaches with professional development and learning opportunities to prepare them for high level coaching and ensure an increase in their level of NCCP ion to a minimum of Competition – Development, Trained. (Apprentices complete training within 12 months following the Games); 
  • Expose aboriginal apprentice coaches to elite/high performance coaches; and
  • Ensure aboriginal apprentice coaches are prepared to handle a meaningful role during the Canada Games experience. 


2021 Canada Summer Games - Niagara Region, Ontario

Application Process:

Submit an Expression of Interest

2021 Public Interest Form Opens: November 18, 2019
Public Interest Form Closes: January 10, 2020

You will be contacted by the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative (P/TCR). The P/TCR will contact the P/TSO to complete the full application.

For more information on the Canada Games Apprenticeship Program, contact your P/TCR.


  • Desired Outcomes

    The desired, measurable outcomes are established in consultation of the PTCR, the CGC, the ASC, and the CAC, and are as follows:

      • The goal of the program is to have at least 50% of the quota allocations for aboriginal apprentice coaches in this program filled for the Canada Games;
      • Two professional development workshops are conducted before the Canada Games; 
      • 100% attendance at professional development workshops;
      • 100% of all apprentice coaches attending the Canada Games will have been NCCP-trained in the relevant context within one year following the Canada Games; 
      • 75% of all apprentice coaches attending the Canada Games will have been NCCP-certified in the relevant context within two years of attending the Canada Games; 
      • As a long-term objective, 100% of all apprentice coaches will continue to actively coach athletes at the community, provincial, territorial, or national level applying the experience gained from the Canada Games; 
      • 100% of apprentice coaches, mentor coaches, and Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs) in this program will complete a feedback survey; 
      • 100% of apprentice coaches, mentor coaches, and PTSOs in this program will positively evaluate the program and provide constructive criticism for the future of this program. 

    Where required and/or requested PTASBs, PTCRs, and PTSOs will work collaboratively with each other to meet the desired outcomes of the programs.

  • Eligibility

    Eligibility criteria for the AACP are:

      • Canadian citizen or landed immigrant status; 
      • Aboriginal ancestry as defined by the Aboriginal Sport Circle: Anyone of First Nation (status and non-status Indian), Métis or Inuit ancestry;
      • Coaching experience; 
      • Completed some form of NCCP training; 
      • Never attended a Canada Games as a “coach” in the sport they are applying to; 
      • Never attended the Olympic or Paralympic Games, Pan or Parapan American Games, or Commonwealth Games as a “coach”; 
      • Demonstrated potential through the development and improvement of their athletes or as seen by the PTSO or mentor coach; 
      • Not already selected to the coaching staff of a province/territory’s Canada Games coaching staff;
      • Identified to have potential to influence, coach, and promote sport in their communities to increase quality coaching in aboriginal communities; and
      • Trained in the ACM. Coaches who are not already trained in the modules may be admitted to the program, but will be required to complete the training before attending the Canada Games.

    Any exceptions to the above eligibility requirements must be approved by the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative before a coach can be admitted into the AACP.

  • NCCP Requirements 

    The purpose of NCCP requirements is to ensure that the selection of apprentice coaches for the AACP are genuine apprentice coaches who will, through participation in the program, gain valuable experience that will contribute to the coach becoming a Canada Games coach in the future.

    Based on the objectives and desired outcomes outlined above, the NCCP requirements for the AACP are:

      • “In Training” or “Trained” status in the NCCP Competition – Introduction context, “In Training” status in the Competition – Development context, or NCCP Level 1 Certified;
      • Transitioning athletes are eligible to apply but NCCP training prior to the Games is a requirement; and
      • Coaches who are Level 3 Certified or NCCP Competition – Development Trained or Certified are not eligible for the program as these coaches have already obtained the necessary certification to coach at the Canada Games.

    Any exceptions to NCCP requirements must be approved by the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative before a coach can be admitted into the AACP.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Craig MacDougall at