Coaching Association of Canada

Abdullah Al Hassan

Youth Athlete

Topic: Impoving Quality Sport Opportunities for Newcomers and Underserved Youth

This session will challenge delegates to consider the why, what, how, and who of sport programming:

  • Why are we offering these sports?
  • What sports are we offering?
  • How can we improve sport for ALL participants?
  • Who are we programming for?

Chino, Abdullah, and Carolyn will share insights and solutions of their ongoing journey in delivering quality sport to the Syrian refugee community and other newcomers in Winnipeg. This will include discussions about programming for refugees with a disability, female swimming classes, and the challenges of engaging youth in community sport programs.  

Abdullah Al Hassan is a 16 years old athlete, originally from Aleppo, Syria. He and his family have since relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Although there was no sport in Syria, he was able to play recreational soccer with friends in the refugee camp where he lived for 5 years. While staying in the refugee camp, he didn’t have access to a school, so there was lots of time for soccer, however there were never any coaches.

The lack of coaches in the refugee camp inspired Abdullah to begin his NCCP coach training. He has since taken two workshops to become a better coach, and is looking forward to continuing his ongoing coach education.

Abdullah was honoured to be named the ‘Most Outstanding Player’ during his first year of helping to coach the boys soccer team at his school.