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6 Steps for Successful Mentorship

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Before initiating the mentorship relationship, it’s important that both the mentee and mentor assess their readiness by understanding what the mentorship relationship involves, considering whether mentorship is right for him/her, and identifying motivations for engagement in mentorship.

In order for mentorship to be successful, it’s important that the following steps are followed:

  1. Assess readiness
    • Understanding what the mentorship involves
    • Consideration of fit for mentoring
    • Determination of motivations for engagement
  2. Prepare
    • Self-assessment and awareness building
    • Training on how to be an effective mentee/mentor
    • Connecting mentees and mentors
  3. Set the stage
    • Vision and goal setting
    • Clarifying roles of the mentee and mentor
    • Developing a mentoring plan
  4. Develop together
    • Implementing the mentoring plan
    • Regular check-ins
    • Ongoing reflection and assessment
  5. Wrap up
    • Assessing goal achievement
    • Sharing of success with others
    • Celebrating success and the mentorship experience
  6. Evaluate and plan next steps
    • Evaluating effectiveness of the mentorship
    • Planning next steps in career advancement 

The benefits of mentoring are significant for everyone involved. Click HERE to access the mentorship guide, intended to serve as a resource to enhance the advancement of women in coaching.