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5 Reasons Why Hydrating Is Important

Athletes rarely consume enough fluid to maximize the absorption capacity of the digestive system or to balance fluid losses. Hydration offers many benefits and is pivotal to maximizing one’s performance, either while training or in a competition.

Being properly hydrated:

1. Replaces water lost as a result of sweating;
2. Avoids marked decreases in performance that result from dehydration;
3. Helps maintain core body temperature within acceptable limits during exercise;
4. Increases energy levels; and
5. Maintains fluid balance throughout the exercise.

The amount of fluid an individual can tolerate during exercise varies from one person to another, but usually ranges between 10 and 15 mL per kg of body weight per hour.

Rather than drinking large amounts of fluid at one time, it is better to drink every 15 to 20 minutes.

Whether your athlete is training outdoors or indoors, in hot or cold weather conditions, hydrating is important for their overall health and performance.

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