Coaching Association of Canada

5 Core Foundations of Positive Athlete Development

In addition to recognizing maltreatment in sport and determining when and how to intervene, coaches need to know how to identify the conditions that create healthy sport experiences.

To ensure that athletes receive the greatest benefits from their sport participation, coaches should use positive, holistic, and values-based approaches to athlete development.

Coaches can do this is by paying particular attention to enhancing the Core Foundations of Positive Athlete Development:

1. Competence: Positive view of one’s actions in domain-specific areas including:

  • Social competence,
  • Cognitive competence,
  • Physical competence, and
  • Vocational competence.

2. Confidence: An internal sense of overall positive self-worth and self-efficacy; one’s global self-regard, as opposed to domain-specific beliefs.

3. Character: Respect for societal and cultural rules, adherence to standards of correct behavior, a sense of right and wrong (morality), and integrity.

4. Caring and Compassion: A sense of sympathy and empathy for others.

5. Connection: Positive bonds with people and institutions that are reflected in bidirectional exchanges between the individual and peers, coaches, families, and the sport community in which both parties contribute to the relationship.

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