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3 Steps to Empower Your Coaching Personnel

Along with training athletes, a coach also aids in the development of their own coaching personnel.

Using a three-step system, a coach can more clearly define for their assistants or co-coaches their roles. This system also provides a guideline with which an assistant or co-coach can grow into their roles.

1. Recommend:
A major growth step in the head/assistant/co-coach relationship is the ability to be able to make recommendations based on facts. Head coaches will consult their coaching personnel for input, before making a decision.

Based on research done on the part of the assistant/co-coach, they have an opportunity to provide qualitative or quantitative suggestions, and also gain credibility and confidence.

2. Inform and Initiate:
The assistant/co-coach informs the head coach of the best course of action based on researched facts.

The assistant/co-coach should use phrases like, “I think we should do this because I have observed that…”

The head coach wants to be informed before action is taken to prevent any possible unforeseen problems. After informing the head coach the assistant/co-coach is then free to initiate the action.

This shows the head coach believes in the ability of the assistant/co-coach, but wants to have that one level of authority left to prevent mixed messaging.

3. Action:

This is where the head coach has given the assistant/co-coach full authority to initiate and carry out a strategy to competition. This is done because the head coach has full confidence in the abilities of the assistant/co-coach. Very often this occurs when the head coach gives an assistant/co-coach a group of athletes to work with in practice.

The assistant/co-coach and head coach have developed trust in each other’s abilities.

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