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Coaching Association of Canada

150 Coaching Collection

In support of ParticipACTION’s 150 Play List, the CAC is happy to introduce the 150 Coaching Collection: Activities to Plan and Deliver in Practice an exclusive resource with 150 activities designed for all ages and stages of development.

The CAC will be celebrating this new resource throughout the month of March, encouraging coaches to take the NCCP module Get Coaching! or the Plan a Practice NCCP workshop. 

The CAC supports the ParticipACTION 150 Play List initiative to get Canadians moving – and we want to see all of Canada’s coaches and their athletes using Get Coaching! and the 150 Coaching Collection resources to stay active!  

100 Catches Leadership Training
Adapted Ampe  Line Jumping 
Adapted Matimati  Line Up!
Active Stretching Mad Minutes  
Airplane Marco Polo

Animal Stretching

Mock Snowboard Cross
Around the World

Modified Swele'i

Assisted Stretching Monkey Soccer 
Backwards Day Mountains and Valleys
Bacon Multiply Your Power
Ball Toss Noodle Hockey
Ballistic Stretching Noodle Skeleton
Balloon Pop Noodle Tag
Balloon Toss North, South, East, West
Baseball Exercise for Learning to Focus on External Cues Numbers
Battle and Break One-Arm-Pull
Bench Ball One-Foot-High-Kick
Blanket Ball Orbit
Bronco Tag Orienteering Map Treasure
Build the Ladder Owl Hop
Carded Pac Man
Cat n' Mouse Piggybank Around the World
Catch or Bump Piggyback Relay
Catch Up Planting Seeds
Catch Up If You Can  Rabbit-Hop
Chuck the Duck Rabbits and Roosters
Circle of Doom Rainbow Warm-Up
Concentrating on an Object Rarajipara
Concentration - the Clock Face Relay Races
Cops or Robbers Rock the Chorus
Core Like and Eagle Rubber Chicken Tag
Crash Zone Run and Squat
Crazy Numbers  Save the Animals
Crisscross  Sharks and Minnows
Cross the Gym on Paper Ship Shape
Dance Circle Show Me the Money! 
Dicey Challenge Slow-Mo Sport Mime
Dodge the Duck  Small-sided Games 
Double Tag Snap Crackle Pop
Down, Down, Down Soccer Ball Horse Shoes
Dox-en Eye Spider Ball 
Dragon Lair SPUD
Dragon Tail Stage 1 - Balance Challenge
Dragon Tails! Stage 2 - Balance Challenge
Drum Beat Stage 3 - Balance Challenge
Dynamic Stretching Star Jumping
Everyone-Is-It Tag Static Stretching
Everything Relay SUP Twister
Fire Feet Team Bridges
Fireball Team Decision
Follow the Leader The Switch Up
Follow Your Leader Through the Gate
Follow Your Pass Throwing and Catching - ULTIMATE
Friends and Favs Throwing - Stage 1
Garbage Ball Throwing - Stage 2 - Knock Down Ginger
Giant Rock Paper Scissors Throwing - Stage 3 - Mini Team Handball
Give and Go Tic Tac Toe Relay
Grizzly Bear Ball Toss To Wepi Cikan
Helicopter Hit Towel Tug-O-War
Huckle Buckle Torpedo
Hoopla Target Game Tower of Power  
How Are We Strong Triangle Tag
Hula Hoop Relay Race

Tunnel Town 

Hungry Hippos Two-Foot High Kick (Inuit Game)
Inukshuk Trail Union Jack
Jousting Upstream, Downstream
Jump Tag Visualization Exercise
Kabele... Hit it! Warm Up Wrestle
Keep Up Weaving
Knee Slapping What do you see?
Knights, Horses, Cavaliers  Win the Prime
Knockout World Cup
Ladder Races Zim Zam Zoom
Ladders Poison Ball