Coaching Association of Canada

10 Pin Bowling

The Canadian Tenpin Federation, Inc. offers the following NCCP workshops.

Community Sport Initiation: This one day workshop will provide coaches with fundamental Learn to Bowl skills so they can coach grass roots athletes. Coaches will learn how to plan effective practices, to detect and correct bowling skills, and how to conduct a meaningful practice session.

Competition Introduction: For coaches that want to improve their coaching and instruction skills, this two day workshop focuses on the technical and tactical bowling skills needed to help athletes compete at the provincial level. Throughout this interactive course, you will learn to analyze your athletes’ skills, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as be prepared to help them manage psychological issues such as anxiety and focus.

Competition Development: Designed for coaches of the advanced bowler, (athletes competing in national and international events), this 18-hour workshop will focus on advanced coaching techniques and technical expertise. While in-class and at the bowling lane, coaches will learn how to analyze performance and manage a competitive bowling program. The following multi-sport modules are required in order to become certified at this level:

- Make Ethical Decisions
- Developing Athletic Abilities
- Psychology of Performance
- Leading Drug-free Sport
- Coaching and Leading Effectively *
- Managing Conflict*
- Prevention and Recovery*

*These multi-sport modules must be completed before taking this workshop.

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