Coaching Association of Canada

Transfer of Qualifications

Dear Partner,

As announced by the CAC’s CEO Lorraine Lafrenière at Partners Day in June 2014, the CAC will be moving forward with the Transfer of Qualifications process. This process will enable all coaches with Level 1, 2, and 3 credentials to receive credit and have their qualifications transferred to a status in the Competition, Instruction, or Community Sport stream.

Only sports having completed the NCCP transition will be eligible for the Transfer of Qualifications process.

The CAC has created a Transfer of Qualifications FAQ page on that you can find here. The goal of promoting the FAQ page is to minimize the number of inquiries directed at your organization and the CAC.

The first wave of sports to be transferred will be completed on October 8th. A list of these sports can be found on the FAQ page on

It is imperative that coaches know that their Levels-NCCP qualifications will always be valid and recognized. It is also essential that coaches understand the value of the Make Ethical Decisions content and the Maintenance of Certification program.

In order to ensure clear communication of this message, we will be sending all coaches subject to the Transfer of Qualifications process an email outlining what changes they can expect and where to find answers to questions they may have after the transfer has been completed in their sport.

For more information on the Transfer of Qualifications process, please contact your CAC consultant. For support in communicating this change to your coaches please contact Julie Parkins-Forget, Marketing & Communications Manager at 613.235.5000 x 2382.