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#ThanksCoach Scott

Coach's Name: Scott MacAulay
Coach’s title: Head Coach, Regina Thunder
Location: Regina, SK

Athlete's Name: Tanner Hope
Position/Team/Club/Sport: Defensive back (2009-13), Defensive back coach (2014), Regina Thunder, Prairie Football Conference, Football
Location: Regina, SK

Scott MacAulay has a no-quit attitude

You would think that being behind 25-6 to the rival Saskatoon Hilltops with under two minutes left in the game would be enough to discourage Regina Thunder head coach Scott MacAulay. As Tanner Hope explains, this was hardly the case. Guided by their coach, the Thunder stormed back with three late touchdowns to shock the Hilltops with a 26-25 victory. This game from 2014 really stands out to Hope, who played defensive back with the Thunder from 2009-2013. MacAulay was the linebacker coach and special teams coordinator in 2010, 2011 and 2012, before making the jump to head coach in 2013. Additionally, Hope coached alongside MacAulay in 2014 as an assistant coach.

“Scott’s mentality was definitely, ‘We’re going to hit you in the mouth and come back and win,’ Hope said. “Without a doubt, throughout every game I either played for him or coached alongside him, whether we were winning or losing he always had a winning mentality.”

In his first season as head coach, MacAulay led the Regina Thunder to its first national championship. Throughout this season, Hope said the players all felt like MacAulay was a coach who would go to war for them, and this motivated them to succeed. Beyond winning and losing, Hope said the coach taught him how to have a solid work ethic and always be prepared for every situation.

Outside of football, Hope said MacAulay is the kind of person who will do anything for his players, whether it means helping them find a job or always answering his phone.

“He’s a very generous human being,” Hope said.