Coaching Association of Canada

#ThanksCoach Katherine

Coach’s Name: Katherine Alexander
Athletes' Names: Jill Baker and Kate Fitzgerald
Sport: Synchronized Swimming
Location: Conception Bay South, NL

What does your coach do that makes him/her a great coach?

What makes our coach a great coach is she wants us to do our best. She pushes us (but not too hard) to do the best of our ability. She makes us understand what we are doing so we don’t get hurt. She pushes herself to help us in the best way possible. Sometimes we can be distracted but in the end she always gets our attention and gets the job done.

What lesson(s) has your coach instilled in you?

She taught us that with practice, dedication, and determination we can do whatever we desire. She also taught us that hard work pays off and to try again and again until we achieved our goals.

What is something that reminds you of your coach?

Something that reminds me of Katherine is someone who has a strong personality and a sense of humour. Katherine has a contagious laugh that makes everyone smile. Whenever I see someone wearing colors such as black and blue they remind me of Katherine because these are the color clothes that she wears at competitions and it makes me smile. Although it may sound silly, a spoon reminds me of Katherine because she always uses a spoon as a banger to keep the counts.

Why do you want to say “thanks, coach”?

We would like to say thanks to Katherine because she taught us how to respect others and ourselves. She always has our back and is there for us when we need her. She never gives up on us and makes us do our best. She taught us the importance of good team spirit.