Coaching Association of Canada

#ThanksCoach Judy II

Coach's Name: Judy Hale
Sport: Biathlon
Location: Charlottetown, PE

Athlete's Name: Lucas Boudreau
Position/Team/Club/Sport: Biathlon
Location: Elmwood, PE

Why do you want to say “thanks, coach”?

Judy is the coach that will always be there and wants to see you succeed in everything you do. She works so hard to see all of her athletes succeed and gives so much of her own time and when she is there it is always 100% dedicated to her athletes. She pushes you so that you can be the best you can be. She will take the time after those tough races to talk to you and work with you to figure out what can get better and to fix what wasn't so good. She has seen most of our team at our worst and she has seen us at our best. I always remember to thank her after every single practice and race.

Pick 3 words that describe your coach. Explain why you chose each word.

1. Adaptable: No matter what the conditions, (weather, fatigue, illness) Judy is always ready to make the best of the time we have when we are training and when making plans.
2. Motivator: on that last lap of a grueling race where you need to push for 10 more seconds that will move you up 2 spots on the finish list Judy is always in the perfect spot where she will get you up and over the hill so you can push yourself to the max for the rest of the loop.
3. Unbelievable: Judy always comes out on top with everything she does, she is an amazing coach, and friend. She always seems to achieve what seemed unattainable by most but she always finds a way to come up with a strategy to accomplish the goal. She is an amazing women who would do anything for her athletes, Family and friends.

What lesson(s) has your coach instilled in you?

Judy has installed many amazing life lessons in me and to name some of them are how she has taught me to believe in myself and to not doubt in my abilities as an athlete, which used to happen too often before a race I had pretty much already decided where I was going to end up on the results page. She has also drilled into me that every inch matters on the course to make up time and I dream some night about Judy yelling on the course Tempo! Tempo! Tempo! Urges me to go faster but to always keep the skiing looking pretty.

What is an important skill your coach has that makes them a good coach?

Judy biggest skill is her ability to help be able to push you in a good way to achieve the goals you want. Yes some of the practices you want to curl up into a ball and just lay there because you are so exhausted but it will pay off in the end. She doesn't just want you to succeed in the sport but she wants to help to push you to succeed in life, to live a happy full life.