Coaching Association of Canada

#ThanksCoach Jeff

Coach’s Name: Jeff Ellsworth
Sport: Softball
Location: Alberton, PE

Athlete's Name: Alyssa Fleming
Position/Team/Club/Sport: Pitcher/U18 Scotiabank Reds/Provincial(PEI)/Softball
Location: Meadowbank, PE

What does your coach do that makes him/her a great coach?

He has a great ability to organize and communicate not only with the team but the parents as well. He is a great life teacher he inspires all to want to do their best not only in sport but in life and to always give back to our community.

What lesson(s) has your coach instilled in you?

Always be patient and relaxed under pressure.

Pick 3 words that describe your coach. Explain why you chose each word.

Patient – I have never in my 4 years playing under Jeff’s coaching I have never seen him lose his cool with a player, coach or umpire. He takes the time to know each of his players and has a gift of effectively communicating with each of our vast personalities.
Passionate – Jeff has a tremendous enthusiasm and love of the sport that it is infectious, motivational and inspiring.
Knowledgeable – I have yet to meet anyone that knows more about the sport than Jeff. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by someone who has had so much high level experience and is so willing to share his knowledge with anyone who has the desire to improve.

What animal would your coach be and why?

I don’t know what animal Jeff would be but I know what Harry Potter House he would be assigned to – definitely Gryffindor!

Other than the sport they coach you in, what sport would you like to watch your coach try?

Cricket – I believe he may be challenged in this sport, I would pay to go watch him play!

What is an important skill your coach has that makes them a good coach?

Using setbacks as an opportunity for “Teaching Moments” and always ensuring we are having fun. He is honest and demonstrates character and class in everything he does!

Why do you want to say “thanks, coach”?

Jeff, thanks for creating a family (outside of my own) I know will always have my back on and off the field. Thanks for giving us every opportunity to succeed and improve, always having confidence in us even when we were losing confidence in ourselves. Thanks for just being you!