Coaching Association of Canada

#ThanksCoach Jeff II

Coach’s Name: Jeff Ellsworth
Sport: Softball
Location: Charlottetown, PE

Athlete's Name: Laura Ready
Position/Team/Club/Sport: Centre Field, U18 Scotiabank Reds Fastpitch Team, Softball
Location: Charlottetown, PE

I want to say “thanks, coach” to Jeff Ellsworth for shaping each and every one of us into the people we are today. You’ve taught us so much about softball, the logistics and skillset to have success in the game but also much more than softball; you’ve taught us life lessons that we will hold close to us for many years to come. I want to thank you for every hour you’ve put into making us a better team. You’re efforts are always appreciated.

My name is Laura Ready and I’m proud to say that Jeff Ellsworth has coached me for 4 years now, and hopefully more to come. Jeff is the best softball coach I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing for. There is no one who knows more about the fundamentals and logic of the game than Jeff and his success as an athlete as well as our success as an organization proves that. Jeff Ellsworth is much more than just a softball coach; he is a leader and a role model to all athletes.

Jeff leads by example by playing for (and being the captain of) Team Canada, Hill United and other softball teams and his dedication to not only the sport, but to the players as well, is amazing. He stands as an exceptional role model for young athletes, in addition to being a role model and leader for each of his teammates. Jeff has recently been named the second best softball player in the world, however it’s his ability to stay humble throughout the whole thing that amazes me. I remember watching him get interviewed after hitting one of his many homeruns, when the interviewer asked Jeff how he did it, to which Jeff responded, “The wind took it.” Jeff also instills such a sense of pride in his athletes when they perform. As an athlete of Jeff’s I know that I’m not alone in saying that there is absolutely no better feeling than when he gives you that smile and says “I’m proud of you kiddo.”

Jeff teaches us so many life lessons; but not in the boring way that our parents try to do. He teaches us responsibility and accountability by making us wear a silly hat when we are late, or when we lose something. He teaches us to always work our hardest, and to never give up on any goal we have, no matter how big it is. He teaches us respect by running a professional team and treating every opponent the same- no matter if they are U14 or U21. He teaches us that coming from a small province has nothing to do with your ability to succeed. But most of all, he teaches us that being on a team is much more than playing together on a ballfield- we’re a family. We are all there for each other when we need it most, whether it’s on or off the field. He truly cares for each individual he coaches.

Jeff’s passion for the sport of softball is what makes him the incredible coach that he is. If it were up to any of his players- past or present- they would agree that he is the coach of the year, every year.