Coaching Association of Canada

#ThanksCoach Brent

Coach’s Name: Brent Lohmer
Athlete’s Name: Tricia Kell
Sport: Powerlifting
Location: Winnipeg, MB

What does your coach do that makes him/her a great coach?

Brent clearly communicates the technique and rules of powerlifting. He always finds time to answer my questions and shows understanding and respect to anything I have to say. The individually planned programs Brent sets up for me always have me leaving my training sessions feeling like I succeeded.
Brent obviously loves his job and never makes it seem like work. That attitude adds fun to the program.

Write a memory/story about your coach.

The first day I trained with Brent, I was only there for ‘toning’. I remember telling him that my ultimate goal in life was to be the best me that I can be. Three years have gone by since that day, and the ‘toning’ changed to Brent coaching me to be a full-fledged competitive powerlifter. Through that step-by-step experience, I have a lot of good stories and memories.

What lesson(s) has your coach instilled in you?

Dedication and perseverance will get me to my goal, never give up, and tighten those abs!

Pick 3 words that describe your coach. Explain why you chose each word.

Inspirational – Brent inspires me to want to do better.
Motivational – He motivates me in a way that makes me believe in myself.
Respectful – Brent is probably one of the most respectful people I know – kind, considerate, and polite…

What is something that reminds you of your coach?

An elephant – when Brent was preparing me for my first competition he suggested I come up with a visual trigger to focus on to set up for my dead lift. I weaved a silver charm of an elephant through my shoelace thinking each time I look down in a dead lift that the charm would remind me to focus. But instead, the first time I tried it, the charm reminded me of the fact that I was about to lift close to the same weight as a baby elephant (not a good focus for any powerlifter to have at that moment). Being my first competition, I didn’t tell Brent. Since then Brent has taught me different ways to focus that work very well. But, anytime I see anything that resembles an elephant, it reminds me of Brent – probably my guilt of not telling him.

What animal would your coach be and why?

A panda – humble and gentle on the outside but has powerful, inspiring strength and determination on the inside.

Other than the sport they coach you in, what sport would you like to watch your coach try?

I know Brent hasn’t had the opportunity to play lacrosse and would like to try, but more so, I would like to see him participate in Amazing Race Canada even though I do realize it isn’t considered a ‘sport’.

If you had to pick a karaoke song to describe your coach what would it be? Why?

Eye of the tiger – to me the expression is about being persistent and ending up on the top – setting your eyes on the prize and going for it. Everyone needs an “Eye of the Tiger” to get to where you want to be in life. I believe Brent has that quality.  

What is an important skill your coach has that makes them a good coach?

Brent has an in-depth knowledge of powerlifting but it doesn’t stop there. From my own experience in training with Brent, he is continuously learning, staying up to date on new training techniques, exercise physiology, and nutrition. He obviously wants to grow and improve and this makes Brent a good coach.

Why do you want to say “thanks, coach”?

I want to say thanks to Brent for his patience, and dedication in the part he plays in helping me be the best me that I can be. Having Brent as my trainer has changed my life for the better. “Thanks, Coach”!