Coaching Association of Canada

#ThanksCoach Bob

Coach’s Name: Bob Davis
Athlete’s Name: Matthew Gorman
Sport: Biathlon
Location: Oromocto, NB

What does your coach do that makes him/her a great coach?

Bob treated every athlete individually and talked to them in a certain way that he knew they would understand!

What lesson(s) has your coach instilled in you?

He makes me feel that I can do whatever I choose to do and that just because I haven’t found my groove yet I still shouldn’t give up because good things come to those who wait!

What is an important skill your coach has that makes them a good coach?

Bob has many great qualities but what makes him stand out is his ability to give you 100% dedication and attention, no matter what or when!

Why do you want to say “thanks, coach”?

I want to say “thanks, Coach” because of everything he has helped me with, from my life at home to my sports career. Mountain bike racing or biathlon, Bob was always my coach!