Coaching Association of Canada


Rugby Canada offers the following NCCP workshops.

Community Initiation (Non-Contact): This workshop is designed for rugby coaches of young athletes (ages 6-12) who are looking to learn how to coach the non-contact end of the game. Coaches will learn how to plan practices, and discover fun, game-based learning through in-class and on the field activities.

Community Initiation (Contact): Take your coaching to the next level – this workshop is designed for coaches of 12-18 year-old athletes who want to start coaching the contact variation of the game at the junior club and/or High School level.

Competition Introduction: Ready to coach at the competitive level? This 16-hour in-class and on the field workshop will take you there! Aimed at more experienced high school and club coaches, there is a great focus on the technical and tactical elements of the game, including analyzing the performance of players and teams in this workshop.

For more information on Rugby Canada’s NCCP workshops, please click here.