Coaching Association of Canada

Geoff Gowan Award

Recognizing lifetime contribution to coaching development

The Geoff Gowan Award was created in 1996 to honour former Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) president Geoffrey Gowan, CM, PhD. The award recognizes lifetime contribution to coaching development. It is awarded to a coach who has presented a positive public image of coaching and enhanced the role of the coach with the Canadian public.

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Winners of the Geoff Gowan Award

The CAC is pleased to honour these outstanding coaches who have made significant contributions to coaching and coaching development over the years. These coaches are role models for future generations of coaches and the CAC is pleased to recognize them.

2015 Award Recipient

Dr. John Hogg

2014 Award Recipient

Robert (Bob) Kierstead

2013 Award Recipients

Dennis Marineau
Hiroshi Nakamura

2012 Award Recipients


Victor Zilberman
David Hart

Honourable Mentions

Manon Perron
Hiroshi Nakamura
Dennis Marineau

2011 Award Recipients

Allison McNeill
Dr. Eric Broom

2010 Award Recipients  

Dr. Dru Marshall: Field Hockey
Lyle Sanderson: Athletics 
2009 Award Recipients  

Tim Frick: Wheelchair Basketball
Keith Russell: Gymnastics 
2008 Award Recipient  

Douglas Leigh: Figure Skating  

2007 Award Recipient  

Andy Higgins: Decathlon  

2006 Award Recipient  

Clare Drake: Hockey  

2005 Award Recipient  

Charles Cardinal: Volleyball  

2004 Award Recipient  

Donald Dion: Diving  

2003 Award Recipient  

Marilyn Savage: Gymnastics  

2002 Award Recipient  

Al Morrow: Rowing  

2000 Award Recipient  

Doug Clement: Athletics  

1999 Award Recipient  

Jack Donohue: Basketball  

1996 Award Recipient  

Geoff Gowan: Athletics