Coaching Association of Canada

Air Aware

(From Clean Air Champions)

Do you want to be informed and prepared to address issues related to poor air quality, respiratory disease, and/or allergies for your athletes?

Clean Air Champions, in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada, offer the world's first online coach training tool called the Air Aware Coach Module.

The Air Aware Coach Module has been peer reviewed by top medical, healthcare, coaching, and air quality science experts from across Canada. It is designed to cover the fundamental issues related to air quality, respiratory health, and allergy for any level of coaching, as well as for healthcare workers, physical education teachers, respirologists, nurses, parks and recreation staff, and anyone involved with physical activity programs.

The Air Aware Coach Module will provide training to:

  1. Explain the issues and their interconnections related to physical activity;
  2. Provide tools (like AQHI), protocols, and resources for coaches to prevent or reduce asthma and allergy (anaphylaxis) attacks;
  3. Identify risk factors that administrators and coaches need to be aware of as part of their due diligence;
  4. Ensure safe, healthy, sport and physical activity environments as well as optimal performance for all athletes.

This eLearning module will give you 5 Professional Development points towards your Maintenace of Certification, and can be accessed by logging into The Locker.

The fee to access the module is $15. A portion of these funds are directed to Clean Air Champions where they will in turn be reinvested in future Module upgrades and enhancements.

To the best of our research and knowledge the Air Aware Coach Module is the only such learning tool anywhere that addresses the integrated issues related to air quality and respiratory health and allergy.